Who we are and where we came from

Object Synergy is a 100% Australian owned company with local Business Development and Project Managers and an offshore development centre. Both the local and offshore offices are headed by Australian staff. Apart from obvious benefits such as picking up the phone and talking to someone in the same time zone who understands what you are saying, this structure has enabled us to understand local culture, meet standards, exceed expectations and deliver results with dramatically reduced costs.

We are focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs successfully build and manage offshore software development operations.

Object Synergy evolved out of a privately funded Sydney based start-up that successfully moved its critical product development offshore.


Australian Focus, Offshore Software Development, Accurate and Timely Communication, Attention to Detail, Agile Project Management, Technology Agnostic

Comprehensive Client Experience

We have implemented dedicated offshore teams for a number of our clients. These teams have delivered many successful projects in areas of development, testing, support and marketing.

Our Team

Our team consists of the next generation of technology leaders. Smart, ambitious, creative, talented and motivated are just some of the words we can use to describe our team. Although we are continuously growing, every member of our team contributes towards our success.

Key Team Members

Farrukh Ahmed Bari

Founder / CEO

Sarim Ghani

Development Manager

Shamil Ahmed

Senior Software Architect

Tauheed Yar Khan

Software Architect

Syed Mohammad Ozair

Lead Developer

SameeUllah Daris

Lead Developer

Junaid Ahmed

Lead Developer

Zeeshan Ahmed

Lead Developer

Sabir Miani

Lead Developer

Mohammad Foorq Arshad

Lead Developer

Mohammad Sunaid

Lead Developer

Shabbir Bhojani

Lead Developer

Mohsin Lakhani

IT Manager

Anns Ali

Social Media Manager

Humza Shah

Lead Designer

Khurram Ali

Web Marketing Specialist

Farhaad Khan

Office Admin