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Odoo ERP System

Object Synergy (Pvt.) Ltd. houses a competitive team headed by professionals having more than 20 years of experience specializing in MIS, ERP, CRM and customized enterprise solutions. Our focus in bringing Odoo to the local Pakistani market is a stride towards gaining our customers trust by providing a globally accepted, open-source and user-friendly application to manage businesses. Having completed a couple of successful Odoo deployments in Pakistan and more than 30 enterprise applications worldwide; our focus has always been to create solutions which puts the end user at ease while increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Our decision to provide Odoo as the driving engine for your business is based on a number of facts:

Salient features

  • Built on latest and robust technology opening the door to adapt easily to customizations and integrations.
  • Used by over 4.1 Million users worldwide with over 1200 partners in 110 countries.
  • Addresses a wide range of business processes which makes it cost-effective
    and comparable to the top tier ERP solution providers globally.
  • Adaptable with little or no customization of SME users while supporting customizations and integrations for Large-Scale Enterprises.
  • Open Source code framework which brings together an enthusiastic community of users.
  • Cost effective for both SME’s and Large-Scale Enterprises.
  • Reduce the cost to develop and maintain frequently changing, complex business rules.
  • Provides controls to help ensure security, compliance, and quality.
  • Gives developers the tools to easily incorporate business rules.
  • Odoo's unique value proposition is to be at the same time easy to use and fully integrated.

Industries served with Odoo

Chemical and Paint


Consumer Electronics

Security Guard Companies

CRM Module

  • Maintain leads in the system
  • Supervisors are able to prioritize leads (Leads Scoring)
  • Assign and swap leads between Sales Representatives
  • Maintain Logs and update status of leads based on communication
  • Generate and Update status of Quotations
  • Convert Quote to Sales Order
  • Manage Sales Targets/Quota
  • Manage after sales warranty via Sales Contract Management. Verify warranty claim and validity
  • Manage after sales services
  • Create support tickets and escalations
  • Support reps verify equipment survey and prepare estimates for cost and time
  • Accept or reject warranty claim
  • Create Sales Order based on warranty if accepted or as a charged service if rejected
  • Manage Feedback forms for each service set
  • Sales Analysis and Forecasts Reports
  • Win/Loss Ratio Report
  • Commissions and Targets Report

Procurement Module

  • Prepare requirements for parts/machinery
  • Maintain and categorize Vendor list. Manage payment terms.
  • Create Purchase Requisition based on purchase history, price changes and vendor delivery performance. The PR process will include an approval workflow based on procurement rules.
  • Convert Requisition to Purchase Order
  • Supports Bill Control
  • Control product received (entirely and partially)
  • Raise warnings on Purchase Orders
  • Manage Import File (Goods Declaration, Bill of Lading, LC, and other charges)
  • Records shipment of Goods in GIT virtual warehouse
  • Receive Material (GRN)/Service to Organization
  • Receive Material as Partial Shipment
  • Maintain Supplier Ledger
  • Enter additional costs (Customs Duty, Clearing, LC Fee, Transportation) against import
  • Allocate additional costs to imported/purchased items
  • Handle refunds and purchase returns
  • Handle conversion of currency
  • Manage Payments and Contracts with Vendors

Inventory Module

  • Setup Master Data (Warehouses, Factories, Categories, Items, Services)
  • Setup Products as simple, packaged or as variants
  • Receive items into locations
  • Setup Routes
  • Manage internal transfers
  • Manage stock reservations
  • Calculate Landed Costs
  • Setup Procurement rules
  • Scrap/Waste Management
  • Create Delivery Orders and Gate Pass
  • Generate Barcodes
  • Generate and track Lots and Serial Numbers
  • Generate stock valuation and ledger
  • Generate Stock Assessment Reports (FIFO, CUMPS, etc.)

Manufacturing Module

  • Manage products into assembly lines or manual assembly
  • Plan manufacturing with the ability to reschedule
  • Plan Production and Labor Costs
  • Create and manage multi-level Bill of Materials
  • Create Work Orders/Repair Orders
  • Calculate cost of Assembly
  • MRP Operations and Workcenters
  • Resource and Shift Planning
  • Create preventive as well as corrective maintenance requests
  • Receive inventory against work order/repair order
  • Plan production on workbench
  • Create worksheets with instructions for the operator and organize work order steps
  • Setup quality checks and manage workflow

Sales Module

  • Define Quotation Templates
  • Move Quotations to Sales Orders/Invoices or review Sales Orders from CRM
  • For parts, generate Sales Order along with invoice if needed
  • Setup discounts on bulk sales based on a given formula
  • Setup acceptable payment terms
  • Manage sales commissions and payout terms
  • Setup Warranty workflow
  • Sale Order approval is based on availability of stock
  • Accept partial and full payments
  • Generate Delivery Challan and Gate Pass against Sales Order
  • Generate Back Order if stock not available

Accounts Module

  • Setup Currencies, Bank Accounts, Vendors, Chart of Accounts, Taxes and Tax rules
  • Book Supplier bill against PO
  • Release payments as per payment terms
  • Keep track of outstanding payments
  • Prepare payment vouchers
  • Approval process of payment vouchers
  • Keep track of advance and partial payments
  • Track receipt by instrument type (Pay Order, Cheque, Cash, etc.)
  • Settle invoices with receipt voucher(s)
  • Prepare cash and bank receipts, JV entries and payments through bank or cash
  • Manage expenses and alerts on expenses
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Budget and Assets
  • Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Cashflow Report, General Ledger (Vendor filter available), Ageing Reports, Tax Deductions Report, Bank Reconciliation, Track of Pay Orders/Cheques, Adjustments Report.

HR Module

  • Setup Departments, Employee type, leaves and reporting lines
  • Manage the Recruitment Process
  • Setup Salary rules and appraisals
  • Manage Timesheets, Holidays & Leaves, import attendance from attendance machine (ZKTeco supported)
  • Payroll is generated via basic salary, attendance, loans, deductions and incentives
  • Generate and Print Pay slips

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